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Alders Financial Solutions
Alders Financial Solutions

Smart business owners invest in their images.  When you’re at the top, you need to look like you’re at the top.  Whether you’re designing a new website or preparing for a marketing campaign, you know you need excellent pictures.  You want your headshots to look confident, approachable, and professional.  Photographs send a message about your style, competency, and brand.


Our workflow is simple


Here’s how it goes…

  • We decide a background and style.  We can do any background, any style (including styles not seen on my site). We’ll decide together what kind of images will work best for you.
  • We create an ideal schedule for the day. Sessions can be scheduled in increments depending on your needs.  We don’t double-book myself and I never rush sessions.
  • We bring everything to you.  With studio lighting and equipment to work in any space, nothing is a problem.
  • We do photo sessions with every person.  We won’t stop taking pictures until we both believe we’ve “got the shot.”  We will review the pictures together as we go.  We coach every person on posing and expressions, talking the whole time and keeping it interactive.  We know a lot of people are nervous doing this and we make people feel at ease.
  • Everyone selects their favorite photos from an online gallery. We’ll create an online gallery with the best photos of the day and each person chooses their favorite.
  • We do retouching & editing on each person’s favorite photo. We make people look picture perfect, per your guidance.  We reduce age lines, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and perform other subtle enhancements to your images.
  • We deliver all of the images in high resolution, ready for you to use.  You’ll have a fantastic set of pictures to use to promote your business.


Our experience works for you

If you’re new to this and need guidance along the way, we can help you at every stage of the process – before, during and after the photoshoot.  There are a number of ways headshot photography can go wrong (bad lighting, bad posing), and the more people you get involved, the more complicated it can get.  For example, how does a photographer handle someone who’s really nervous during their photo session?  With the wrong photographer, sessions can be awkward – and it shows in the photos.  We have years of experience coaching people who are uncomfortable in front of the camera.


People leave their session saying “That was easy!”

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